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The message in the music is what matters most...

On this page I'll list the band's CDs and anything else I know about. I'll include a picture of the CD jacket, a track list, and my own comments.






Intense Records 1991
1. "Renaissance" (3:11)
2. "Perpetual Motion" (3:21)
3. "Die Happy" (4:52)
4. "Bone Doctor" (3:16)
5. "Cage" (4:07)
6. "Real" (5:10)
7. "Slide Rule" (5:54)
8. "Painted Truth" (3:11)
9. "Celebration" (5:38)
10. "Melrose" (4:12)
11. "Silver Cloud" [instrumental] (6:05)

Volume II.
Intense Records 1992
1. "Sticks and Stones" (3:55)
2. "Justified" (3:32)
3. "Love Sick Dog" (4:11)
4. "Tear Gallery" (5:57)
5. "Blue" (4:18)
6. "Talk" (5:29)
7. "Eden" (5:15)
8. "Cole's Atomic Funk Thang" [instrumental] (2:05)
9. "Temple of the Soul" (5:02)

1. "Justified" (3:57)
2. "In studio" (:07)
3. "Painted Truth" (3:48)
4. "In studio" (:07)
5. "Temple of the Soul" (5:57)
6. "In studio" (:10)
7. "Celebration" (5:39)
8. "In studio" (:36)
9. "Endless Love" (4:16)
10. "All Over Me" (5:57)

 Red Sea-Blood (Rugged)

1. "Soulshaker" (4:50)
2. "Blood" (4:52)
3. "Wolves At the Door" (7:19)
4. "Dust to Dust" (5:32)
5. "Last Days of Winter" (4:36)
6. "Walk on Fire" (3:57)
7. "Shades of Purple" (5:18)
8. "Hellbound Train" (5:29)
9. "Losin My Way" (5:50)
10. "Down Home Static" (1:04)
11. "Tears of Joy" (4:44)

1.   Renaissance   3:11
2.   Perpetual Motion   3:22
3.   Die Happy   4:52
4.   Cage   4:08
5.   Real   5:11
6.   Slide Rule   5:54
7.   Painted Truth   3:12
8.   Celebration   5:39
9.   Melrose   4:13
10.   Stick and Stones   3:55
11.   Justified   3:32
12.   Love Sick Dog   4:11
13.   Tear Gallery   5:57
14.   Blue   4:18
15.   Talk   5:29
16.   Eden   5:15
17.   Temple of Soul   5:04

Die Happy's debut featured four members of Vengence Rising and vocalist Robin "Kyle" Basauri, who was suppose to just be a guest vocalist. The music is still heavy and retains some of the Vengence Rising sound, but adds a bit more groove. The fast thrash riffs are no longer present, nor is there any of the thrashy double bass and downbeat drumming. However, the mid-paced heavy metal is still present. Of course Robin's vocals are what really separated this disc from the Vengence Rising sound. Roger Martinez was aggressive thrash growler, Robin has a powerhouse singing voice with a wider range.

Die Happy gets even further away from the thrash metal sound and adds more funk and groove into their still quite heavy metal. New bassist Greg Chiasson (ex-Badlands) had an obvious hand in the style change as his bass is featured quite a bit, especially in the instrumental "Cole's Atomic Funk Thang." His writing with Badlands is quite apparent throughout this disc. Robin Basauri is back on disc number two and is now listed as a full fledged member of the band. Another big difference in this disc from the debut is that Die Happy has added a few power ballads to the mixture. Robin's powerful voice does an excellent job on both the heavy and the mellower numbers.

A short live in the studio EP that was released.  If the liner notes be true, then most of this was recorded without edits and in one or two takes, proving this to be one tight band. The "in studio" stuff is just bits of the band talking or goofing around in the studio. While it was interesting to hear, Greg is nowhere near the vocalist of Bassari. His raspy, 'can't sing, don't care' style would sound better on a down and dirty blues record. Overall the entire disc is a rather mellow affair for the most part, with much of the material being acoustic. The heaviest song is album opener "Justified" although the studio version of Volume II is heavier. "Endless Love" is a new, unreleased ballad. "All Over Me" is a smokin' blues cover that was originally written by Petra.

Powerhouse vocalist Robin Kyle Basauri (ex-Joshua/Die Happy) and guitar shredder Chris Howell (ex-Fear Not) get together to release this one time heavy metal project along with Badlands rhythm section Greg Chaisson (bass) and Jeff Martin (drums). This disc is a must for fans of Badlands or Die Happy as Red Sea sounds like a combination of the two. "Soulshaker" is a monster of a metal tune with a killer groove and a crushing guitar crunch. "Down Home Static" is a humerous take on an old time gospel blues song. "Blood" is just an excellent bluesy, heavy metal platter. "Blood" is out of print as Rugged Records went out of business.

KMD Records re-issue of (self-titled) and (Volume 2.) on one CD.  I really don't like this release because the Record Company did not enclude Bone Doctor and Silver Cloud from (self-titled) and Cole's Atomic Funk Thang from (Volume 2.) on the disc.  I'm a real fan of this band and as a real fan I exspect to get all the tracks.  I'm not the only one to complane about this.  Maybe the record compnny shoud think about that before they release a 2 in 1 cd.